J.K Rowling — Every Harry Potter Fan’s favorite Author

‘I lived for books’ — Joanne Rowling

The author of the popular Harry Potter series, Joanne Rowling (J.K Rowling) is a British author and philanthropist. The ‘K’ in J.K stands for Kathleen, which is her paternal grandmother’s name. J.K wanted to be a writer since she was young. She wrote her first story named “Rabbit” at the age of six. Followed with which at the age of 11, she wrote a novel about seven cursed diamonds and the people who owned them.

Joanne grew up in England and was surrounded by books. She wore spectacles and was a complete bookworm. She was an avid reader and in her days in Exeter University she had a fine of 50 dollars for overdue books in the university library. After her graduation, she moved to London where she did a couple of jobs which included one as a researcher at Amnesty International.

The idea of Harry Potter first hit J.K while delayed on a train from Manchester. She then began planning it out which took her 5 years to plan seven books of the series. She headed towards Edinburgh in 1993 with three chapters. She sent the manuscript to a number of literary agents to which only one responded about sending the rest. After she finished her first book, it was published by Bloomsbury. It became a bestseller in the year 1997. It started spreading all over the globe and she gained a lot of fans and received appreciation and letters too. Ever since, the series of Harry Potter has broken several records including selling 2.65 million in 24 hours in the U.K. The series has been published in over 80 languages and has over 500 million copies.

J.K has also been vocal about various issues and criticizes politicians who cut back on government welfare programs. She has also spoken about her experience of being a single mother and how it affected her the whole life. In the year 2008, in an interview with a leading news agency, she mentioned that she considered suicide as she was severely depressed and in need of professional help. She also stated that she used her own life experience to describe the emperius side in the Harry Potter series.

In 2004, in a report by Forbes, it was stated that Rowling was the first person to be a billionaire by writing books. Later, she got dropped off the list as she gave a lot of money to charity. Rowling keeps aside one day a week and dedicates it to charity. Rowling has written for the purpose of charity which has three volumes which are Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which is in aid of comic relief and The Tales of Beedle the Bard for her children’s charity Lumos. In September 2012, the first novel for her adult readers was published which was The Casual Vacancy (Little, Brown), which has been translated into 44 languages and was also adapted by the BBC in 2015 for TV.

J.K. Rowling and Wizarding World partners launched an initiative, the Harry Potter At Home to entertain children stuck at home during the Covid-19 pandemic with the first Harry Potter book read featuring celebrities on video, and was made available for free through audiobook and eBook streaming.

Rowling has been honored by prestigious awards which include Lifetime Achievement Award, British Book Awards in 2008, South Bank Show Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2008, James Joyce Award, University College Dublin in 2008,The Edinburgh Award, 2008, Companion of Honor, for services to literature and philanthropy in the year 2017 and PEN America Literary Service Award, 2016.

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